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I am a new trader and have taken a few courses, this is one of the most informative and gives you all the basics along with the practical application (which other courses only generalize). The course is very good and would recommend it to anyone” – Dale S.*

Trading requires a trading strategy and a lot of study and practice. The only way to speed that process up is to get good training with sound advice. This course does that and more. It contains an invaluable trading snapshot with the bonus of a working strategy thrown in for good measure. I wish that I had done this course earlier on, I may have had an easier journey down the day trading route.” – Andre G.*

This is the best home study course I have seen. The information is well presented. This is a ‘one stop shopping’ course for traders as it has it all. Mark Hodge     is an extremely knowledgeable trading instructor with a unique ability to convey his knowledge to the student. I would strongly recommend this home study course for all traders.” – Joe A.*

Thank you Markus, Mark and the entire Rockwell Trading Team for this home study course. It’s obvious your knowledge on the subject of day trading is encyclopedic and that you have taken considerable time and made great efforts to produce these videos. The in-depth explanation of day trading and yet simple to understand lessons make your home study course the best and most comprehensive I’ve seen. Bravo!” – Rafik D.*

Yet again, Rockwell Trading have hit the nail on the head. Their success comes not only from the level of their knowledge and experience within the trading profession, but also their recognition of what traders need in order to become successful independent traders. Keep up the good work, Rockwell. Thank you.” Becky T.*

I have completed the Home-Study-Course and I would recommend this course because the knowledge it covers is exactly what a trader would need to be a successful day trader.” – Ken K.*

What a great way to get basic information! The technical analysis and the explanation of the popular indicators were simple to understand. The important aspects of risk management and trading psychology were covered in depth. The entire home study course offers a well rounded beginner education and inspires further study through the Rockwell Trading program.” – Fred E.*

I feel the content is presented in a way that is very understandable and will help me be a successful day trader. Every aspect of trading is covered making sure you understand the risks as well as the rewards of trading. These are tools that are at your finger tips to go back over and over again to ensure you understand today and in the future.” – Cherry H.*

Rockwell’s video course is well balanced on all aspects of day trading. Very good introductory course for the beginner trader. The experienced trader will also find useful tips. Highly recommended.” – Argyrios M.*

I think it is a VERY valuable resource for new traders. These videos should be viewed and reviewed as one gains experience and tries to iron out a trading plan that goes beyond the knowledge level attained at the end of the initial coaching. In addition it is a good reference for anyone who feels like they have gotten off track and needs to go over the fundamentals of trading, of RWT trading, and of being a professional.” – Ryan B.*

Any trader, either experienced or new to the business of trading, will find the format, content and delivery of the Rockwell Home Study course extremely valuable. Markus offers his students a wealth of THE RIGHT information and strategy for success. Furthermore, Rockwell Trading is extremely accessible and always quick to help.
Throughout his book and the course, Markus stresses the importance of having a trading plan and sticking to it – I am glad I made Markus part of my plan.” – Ryan C.*

I have read book after book, this course says it all. I spent years looking for direction in trading. This course puts you at step 1 and gives you the direction to take more steps to success in the markets. If I would have taken this course first, it would have saved me a lot of money, as well as time wasted, looking for the success I had hoped for. Good job, guys!” – Ron A.*

The Home Study Course is a great starting point for the beginning trader. It covers all the bases you need to get started and will act as an excellent reference tool as you advance in your trading.” – Troy Y.*

I wish I had a well rounded course like this one before. This would have saved me a lot of time and money searching for answers, which no other course I had taken in the past could do.” – Michael D.*

I am amazed to think of all of the information you transferred to me. I feel slightly foolish for not realizing all that I did not know, even though such a realization before the fact isn’t possible. Thanks for spending the time and making the strong effort to help my trading skills in a tone of honesty. The course is way above my expectations. Again, thank you for the honest tone in your teaching. That and your experience, I value more than anything.” – Luca T.*

If I had this when I started it would have saved me many thousands of dollars and much frustration.” – Vince Z.*

The course is an excellent and easy to follow presentation of the Rockwell Trading system that complement its quality customer support in an heart-felt plan to improve your trading. The best training plan on the market by far.” – William R.*

An excellent set of videos, replete with both technical and trader psyche info, clearly explained. A how-to foray into the world of day-traders, complete with a winning trading strategy, and an easy methodology for building a successful trading plan.” – Joe T.*

This is an excellent well balanced course. It gives in-depth coverage of everything a new (and not so new) trader needs to know before entering into what potentially should be a life changing venture. The course is professionally presented with clarity and definition. Of particular value is the coverage of the areas where 90% of traders fail and the techniques to avoid these pitfalls. I only wish I had this available when I stated trading, it would have saved many hours and a lot of money. Highly recommended.” – Anonymous*

This excellent Home Study Course on day trading futures is available here

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