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Rockwell Trading Review – the good and the bad about Rockwell Trading’s products and services

Summary evaluation:

Rockwell Trading is focused on a soup to nuts approach to day trading education. The scope of their products and services covers the full scope of learning how to day-trade including extensive education in technical analysis and setup, money management, psychological and mindset issues, setting up systematic strategies for success probabilities in trading, and then moving on to practical application of all these principles. Converting the theory to actual trading is where I think that Rockwell Trading has developed an edge over many other organizations offering trader education. Rockwell takes a handful of simple day-trading strategies and gives a window into many live instances of these strategies in action. This is further enhanced by the valuable “trader room” access that students can participate in, watching the professionals in action using the very strategies that have been clearly laid out in the home study course. Personal mentoring is also available.

BIG NEWS! – New Ultimate Day Trading System Offering - Rockwell has out done themselves this time. I unreservedly recommend the Ultimate Day Trading Course as a means for the novice and others who have not become successful as yet, to be introduced and become thoroughly versed in becoming day trading, as well as for the experienced trader to get new, uncomplicated, systematic, ideas for successful trading in the futures market.

What is so great about the new course?

  • Covers everything you need to know – charts, entry and exit, money management, keeping risk  low, trending strategies, sideways market strategies, using futures for stocks, forex and commodities trading …….
  • Provides all the tools you need – software and template setting for it
  • Works with broker with first-class systems and low trading capital requirements (starts at about $3,000). Free trial and free simulated trading facility.
  • Live trading room to watch, follow, emulate.
  • It starts off with guidance for modest trades and then shows you how to build on that.
  • Best value in the USA – this quality course will get you successfully trading for less than any other- Get it Here.

Detailed Rockwell Trading Review:

The core of Rockwell’s educational offerings is now the Ultimate Day Trading System


  • Hours of clear DVD instruction using live charts and examples Plus access to trading room to watch and follow live traders making futures trades
  • Comprehensive coverage of all required topics for trading success
  • DVD (or online) format allows repeated viewing of any topic for thorough learning
  • No assumption of existing knowledge, but good use of time so as not to be a waste for those with some knowledge
  • Some unique aspects to trading which will be of interest and profitable to experienced traders
  • Value for money – probably the most value for money available in the market – most other substantive trader education offerings require a substantial fee of anything from $2,000 to $12,000 for the course or classes. The Ultimate Day Trading Course has all the content and quality for a fraction of the price.
  • Personal touch – registered students have access to instructors and mentors within Rockwell, who will help them with particular points of clarification, pointers and tips. Support staff and traders at Rockwell give the distinct impression of being more interested in the student trader’s success than making a buck from the student.
  • Practical – the whole course is oriented towards producing successful traders so there is very little useless theoretical content. Very practical.
  • High tech – Using state of the art trading platform which takes substantial amount of trading overhead actions out of the process allowing the trader to focus on the trading indicators and signals exclusively. Rockwell teaches the day trader how to get the maximum out of rich functionality of a good trading platform.
  • Multiple Market ApplicabilityStrategies are shown to work in the emini trade area, foreign exchange trading, and commodity trading. Focus is on profiting from the E-mini futures market.


  • Focus is on emini trade with no strategies for trading stocks, options, or ETFs. (although with some diligence some of the strategies taught can be adapted to work for other types of securities).
  • Traditional investing, and fundamentals analysis, is not covered. The course does not purport to cover this area, so this is hardly a real weakness, but buyers should be aware that this is strictly for Day Trading. It does cover charting and indicators very effectively and fully.
  • The success of the strategies is very integrated with exceptional functionality of the trading platform used, so porting the strategies into another trading environment may not be too easy. However being a successful Day Trader is as much about using the right technology as it is about knowing how to do it, so in a way pointing the trader to an ideal platform for success could be said to be a strength.

About the reviewer: Basil Marais is a corporate finance professional who also has a passion for trading in the stock market. He has undertaken a number of stock market educational projects along the way and is eminently qualified to assemble a Rockwell Trading Review of their offerings in comparison to others. Basil does not endorse products that he does not believe are above the norm in quality and value. Basil will benefit from sales of Rockwell products resulting from this review.

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